The 29th Dangshan Pear Blossom Festival will open on March 30th in China

Author:Suzhou Updated:2024-03-22 18:53 Source:Suzhou Hits:
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On March 15th, it was announced at the press conference of the 29th China Dangshan Pear Blossom Festival that the opening ceremony of the 29th China Dangshan Pear Blossom Festival will be held at the Pear Blossom Square in Dangshan County on March 30th.

The theme of this year's Pear Blossom Festival is "Thousand-year-old Dang County, the Fragrance of Pear Blossoms in One City". The event will last for more than a month, with a total of 22 activities in four sections.

Compared with previous Pear Blossom Festivals, this year’s Pear Blossom Festival has many highlights, integrating sports and tourism with “good ecology” and igniting passion with “two horses” in one city. During the Pear Blossom Festival, the 2024 China Dangshan Equestrian Endurance Standard Competition and the Pear Garden Marathon will be held. By then, more than 4,000 athletes will gather in Dangshan to experience the diverse scenery of the "Pear Capital of the World".

"Cultural Feast" intoxicates tourists, intangible cultural heritage highlights its unique features. During the Pear Blossom Festival, Dangshan County will host exhibitions and sales of intangible cultural heritage and cultural creativity. With Han culture as the theme, activities such as Qin music, song and wine appreciation, and Hanfu experiences will be conducted. National-level intangible cultural heritage performances such as Sipingdiao and Suona will be staged at the Pear Tree King Scenic Area. Folk performances such as sheep fighting, bamboo horse racing, and dry boat performances, as well as square dance competitions, collective weddings, calligraphy and painting exhibitions, etc., will be held to allow tourists visiting Dangshan to experience the charm of traditional culture.

The "night travel economy" brightens Pear County, and delicious food beautifies the "night landscape". With the theme of experiencing the folk banquet in northern Anhui, a "night landscape" of Pear Garden was created. Food tasting competitions are held at Pear Tree King Inn, Weizhai Inn, etc., offering delicacies such as fried dumplings with Sa soup, Pear Garden ground pot chicken, fried golden cicada, small hanging pear soup, barbecue, and other delicacies, creating a feast for tourists in Dangshan.

The festival sings "investment drama" and works together to "discuss development". During the Pear Blossom Festival, a high-quality pear development seminar, an art exchange event with Hangzhou West Lake photographers, and the 7th Dangshan County Nectarine E-commerce Festival will also be held. At the same time, Mindray Medical's Shenzhen headquarters will host a promotional event for the healthcare industry, showcasing Dangshan County's ecological advantages and continuously enhancing its reputation as the "World Capital of Pears". (Reporter: Lu Yang) (Reporter Lu Yang)